When I think about lifelines, I think about breathing.

Anyone ever have a panic attack? The first thing that happens in a panic attack is the feeling of not being able to breathe, of not getting enough air. You can take in deeper breathes but each time you’re still left with feeling a need for more oxygen. Oxygen, your lifeline is what you feel like you’re losing your grip on.

Your “why” is the lifeline to any of the difficult changes in your life.  It’s amazing what you will do if your why is big enough.

Once your why starts to get challenged– the lifeline to your change, you start to lose your grip on the change.  It feels like it’s no longer worth it, or worse, you no longer feel your why at all.  It’s a feeling, it’s not reality. Once you grab that feeling back and take it under control you can start to breathe your why back into your direction. This is where people let their why go, living their life with the unrelenting feeling of needing more.

Come back. Change those thoughts, remember what’s real. You are breathing, you can do this. Stay focused on each breath, stay focused on your why.  You control those feelings when you control those thoughts.  Like grabbing your child who wakes up crying from a bad dream and redirecting them to what’s real, we have to do the same thing with our thoughts. Hang on tight to what’s real about your why.  It takes a big why to keep the courage it takes to make the change you need… to become you. And you my friend, are worth it.

That may have been my own pep talk to myself.

What’s next for me has been a scary step, making me question the worth of my why. I’ve tried both options, I’ve been backed down by the feeling of fear and I’ve slapped those feelings in the face and kept climbing.

  I choose my why. (Slap Slap)