Here I am, in the race of life and my lies almost kept me out of my intended race.  Why run the 5K when I’m capable of the marathon? Okay, maybe the half marathon.  But what was I scared of? I was in there locked up inside of me, and it’s possible, so are you.

We’re all trying to arrive at some finish line—unharmed at that, but the truth is that we will never arrive. We can only try to understand where we’re at without understanding where we are going.  All while living in a world with people who are just trying to understand where they’re going, while misunderstanding where they’re at.  We can’t misinterpret our present story and have a stable future.  The story we believe about ourselves in the now, shapes what we become down the road, shapes how we live tomorrow.

My passion is for people to believe that life is actually happening for you, but because we don’t understand where we are going, it can feel like it’s happening against you. Don’t try to understand what you can’t see down the road, understand what is going on inside of you– where you’re at right now. Even more, challenge yourself to understand what’s going on inside of you without believing the lies of what’s going on around you.  I spent years focused on the lies around me, that I lost focus on my truths.

Our truths can take us so much further than the lies ever can. Our inside controls what we see outside, we can’t let the outside control what we see inside.

We need to encourage people, especially our youth, to dig under feelings like rejection, vulnerability and loneliness and then see beyond them.  We can redefine how we see our now, the story we tell ourselves during these hurts. Hurts have nothing negative to add to where you’re going, only growth. And understand that not only are these temporary feelings– but necessary and inevitable ones. It’s part of the process for us all.

Yes, sometimes this can come with maturity but for too many that’s too late. Suicide, addictions, lost opportunities and toxic relationships can steal lives of people, robbing them of who they were supposed to become. Think about that for a minute…the loss of what someone could have become. Who could they have reached with their life? What change could they have caused? What could they have achieved? There is nothing more wasted than being alive but inside feeling lifeless. Living without life. People need awareness and preparation in a world of shallow connections and false perfection…there is no easy road. That’s the difference we can make.

Stop searching for the road and start searching for you.

What is possible for your life? Most of us go through our whole life using very little of our potential because of the huge misperceptions that we exist in. The priorities that go astray, the dreams that get buried by doubts of other people’s blurred or limited perspectives. We hear the saying, if it was easy everyone would do it…don’t we want hard to be something everyone realizes that they can do?

If we deny ourselves this freedom and understanding, then we deny ourselves…ourselves. A life denied is a life that never lived.