Becoming you is a similar process to writing a book. In Chapter 2, we don’t know what we’re going to write in Chapter 10 until we get there.  We don’t know what our final words will say but we just write and appreciate where it takes us.

In life, you may not always understand your paragraphs.  It doesn’t make sense where you’re at.  After you get to another chapter you can take those paragraphs, apply it to your present chapter and now it makes sense.  But don’t keep yourself from writing the paragraph because you’ll miss out on it’s potential to make sense later. Your potential to grow. The problem is we try to control the writing along the way, while criticizing and comparing our process to other’s. Instead of allowing the words to come as they do and trusting that it will be your masterpiece in the end. That is the process of becoming. There’s freedom that comes from allowing yourself to become you.

Our reality can seem permanent but it’s all a perceived reality that will always be changing based on our next chapter.

We’re making our decisions based on what we currently perceive and then judging ourselves based on what we later know.  Just let go and enjoy the ride.