Setting new goals means guaranteed distractions.  Maybe you’re reading my blog because you’re doing the same thing. Distractions. This one won’t take you long…

It’s Friday on this cold winter Missouri day, and back to my very cute oversized desk chair to work on page 13 of my book. Some days I can’t set my writing down and days like today…well…I’m blank. And my butt hurts. That’s right, it hurts. Unfortunately this chair is not as comfortable as it is cute. 

Still recovering from a rough fall from my snowboard 3 weeks ago, my tailbone is not quite ready for sitting. 

So, I’ve resorted to stacking my daughter’s bean bags on my floor next to my desk.  After another 5 minutes of rearranging the bag location vs. the chair and my feet, I forgot my pen. Grabbed my pen, rearranged myself for another few minutes but can’t reach my coffee. Reposition my coffee on my desk and my bean bags fall over. Sit my computer on my lap, now I have to go to the bathroom. Come back, another minute to get comfortable and my mind is blank.  Finger tapping on my keyboard…I’m stuck.

Tim Ferriss says that he writes “two crappy pages per day”. It may be the worst writing you’ve ever done and it may not– but you write.  Practicing the process of it all makes you better and crappy progress is still progress right? 


Another muscle I’m trying to grow stronger in.  That “patience” dumbbell is a heavy one. I have all these ideas, just haven’t figured out the missing piece in the flow and structure of it. Book writing takes months, years I know. My patience should be strong by then, I hope.


Anyway, back to writing.  WHAT IS THAT SOUND? 

There’s a bird outside my window pecking my gutters. A bird. Why didn’t it fly south?

I’ve managed to procrastinate my writing by an hour with this blog.

Does anyone else keep fruit in their fruit stand mainly because it looks silly empty? I should really find a picture for that picture frame…

Back. To. Writing. In my bean bag chairs…