Aw…there’s that voice.  That doubt I start to hear in my head EVERY time I set a new goal or try a new thing.  “What if you fail?  No one cares what you have to say. You don’t even know what you’re doing.  You’re wasting your time.”

And then there’s those looks you get from a few people when you tell them what you want to do.  The fake smile and quick change of subject. Or just the lack of questions about it all together. I know. I know you don’t think I can.  But I also know the only way that I can prove you wrong is if I try it anyway.

There are those few people close to you that send encouragement your way.  Tell you that they believe in what you’re capable of.  That means so much to someone starting in a scary direction. Something people who don’t go in scary directions realize about scary directions.

I’d rather be of character that understands fear.  You can’t fully understand anything until you go through those emotions and come out the other side of it.  So, writing a book I must,  because I truly see it for myself. It’s not someone else’s vision. I’m doing it because it not only scares me but makes me feel alive at the same time.

Growing up as an outsider has actually prepared me for life. I speak to all the lost teenagers, AS IT WILL FOR YOU TOO– HANG IN THERE. It will make sense later. Let’s think about all the “Greats” in life.  Achievements and inventions come from amazing people of persistence and passion. To get to where they became they had to take chances at failing.  Failing in acceptance, what other people would think if they didn’t succeed. They had times when they stood alone in an idea or had to miss out on what everyone else is doing. They felt like they didn’t measure up to their peers, comparing their attempts to other’s successes. At least one point along the way, they doubted who they were and what they believed in.  Rejection. Lot’s of rejection.

We all fear these moments, the fear holds us back. Good news to those that started out in life feeling like an outsider, rejected, bullied…YOU HAVE A HEAD START in getting to the other side of those feelings. The more you practice getting through it, the less those feelings hold you back.  You get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being forced to come out the other side of everything that fear entails is exactly how you become you. You are being trained to not cling to other people’s opinions and acceptance. You’re being trained to stand alone if you need to stand alone. To not rely on fitting in.

I’ve started conditioning myself to value the outcome of my goals based on how hard they are to get started.  The crickets…the naysayers…the critics.  That just means that it’s going to become great. Bring. It. On.