Books. Podcasts. Blogs. YouTube. Social Media. We all are intrigued by other people’s stories yet we hide our own. What would it look like if we embraced the process of becoming who we are. I’m convinced we all would challenge ourselves more, and in allowing ourselves to fail we would actually succeed.

Everyone has the desire to do something- but we aren’t taught how to complete the process.  We aren’t taught that it’s all suppose to be hard. You know, life. When our story gets hard we hide it, when we fail we give up. What would it look like if we started to understand the process of becoming? We have a responsibility to find out who we are, because it’s in that process where the real journey of life begins.

Complacent people have either never discovered their fire, what they’re capable of, or they’ve lost sight of it.  I had it in me all along but until I started to conquor my own limits, defy my own thresholds, I never saw what I was made of, or better yet… made for.

Follow my blog as I journey through my own becoming and maybe-just maybe, it can help someone else in theirs.